Cameron Center Rental

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The City of Thousand Oaks' Cameron Center is available for community meeting reservations. It is located at 288 Greenmeadow Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA. Please see the video below for more information. 

Directions to the Cameron Center

  • South on Lynn Road to Greenmeadow Drive;
  • Go left for three blocks;
  • Greenmeadow Drive dead-ends into the driveway of the Cameron Center.

 Take A Tour of the
Cameron Center!


Time/Days - The Cameron Center is available seven days a week between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Each user group is limited to one use date per week.

Charges - Please refer to The Current User Fees.

Capacity - 75 people should be the maximum number of people allowed inside the Cameron Center due to space and parking limitations. Outdoor activities such as barbecues, etc., can accommodate more.

Parking Availability - There are 32 regular parking spaces and two handicapped parking spaces.
Please contact the Finance Department at (805) 449-2201 for additional information.


  • Reservations are taken on a quarterly basis beginning the first day of the month prior to the quarter (e.g. reservations for January, February, and March are taken December 1 or the first business day in December).
  • Walk-in reservations are given priority on the first day. Telephone reservations are taken after 8:00 a.m.. Reservations made by telephone are considered tentative until a contract is signed by the user.
  • A signature on the contract must be secured two weeks prior to use.
  • The user is responsible for the facility during the event times listed on the contract and must provide proof of insurance for the event. The custodian will meet the user at their specified opening time and again to close the facility. The custodian will wait only 15 minutes from the requested opening and closing times.
  • No keys are given out for this facility.
  • All setup and cleanup is the responsibility of the user.
  • Meetings require proof of insurance that meets City standards and includes alteration of cancellation clause and second-page endorsement.