TO/24 Virtual Landuse Service

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TO/24 is the City’s new enhanced and integrated virtual service system for property owners, residents and businesses seeking authorization from City departments for a range of activities relating to residential and commercial development and business operations. TO/24 will provide customers with 24-hour online access to submit applications, seek permits and approvals, initiate and execute plan check, schedule inspections and view statuses and results, make payments, access parcel-specific historical records, and more.   

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How does TO/24 improve City services and the customer experience?  
TO/24 upgrades the overall customer experience when seeking City approvals. by streamlining processes, providing access to real-time status updates, and better preserving historical records relating to individual parcels. 

TO/24 will also add a broad range of new online services:

  • Adds the ability to submit Construction Permit applications, Public Works Grading, Paving and Encroachment Permit applications online.  
  •  Allows applicants to review status, submit plans, and make corrections, as needed. 
  • Consolidates services currently provided through various technological programs into a single system. This consolidation will reduce the need for customers to learn and access multiple technological systems.   
  • Improves the planning case submissions process and helps to standardize the electronic plan review as a collaborative, efficient and sustainable solution for development projects.
  • Expands online payment methods beyond credit card, to include electronic check payment.
  • Services and electronic solutions offered through TO/24 will evolve to further meet customer needs in the future.   

When does the system become available?  

  •  TO/24  will launch November 2022
  • The City will be providing virtual training sessions and in-person kiosk services to help customers with the transition to TO/24. 
  • A self-service website will contain information, tutorials, and tips on services available through TO/24.  

Project Updates

Staff training begins October 3, 2022, which may cause some delays in service. We are committed to providing the best experience, and we thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue to adapt, modify, and provide services during this new software implementation that will improve our ability to serve!