TO/24 Virtual Land Use Service

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Customer User Guides

  1. TO/24 User Guide
  2. How To Register?
  3. How to Schedule an Inspection on a Computer
  4. How to Schedule an Inspection on a Smart Phone
  5. How to Reschedule an Inspection
  6. How to View Estimated Inspection Times on a Computer
  7. How to View Estimated Inspection Times on a Smart Phone 
  8. How to Perform a Public Records Search
  9. How to Submit a Planning Application
  10. Applying for a Minor/Major Modification
  11. Pay Using Invoice Number (no account necessary)
  12. Plan Statuses Definitions


What is TO/24?

 TO/24 is the City’s new enhanced and integrated virtual service system for property owners, residents and businesses seeking authorization from City departments for a range of activities relating to residential and commercial development and business operations. TO/24 will provide customers with 24-hour online access to submit applications, seek permits and approvals, initiate and execute plan check, schedule inspections and view statuses and results, make payments, access parcel-specific historical records, and more.   

How does TO/24 improve City services and the customer experience?  
TO/24 upgrades the overall customer experience when seeking City approvals by streamlining processes, providing access to real-time status updates, and better preserving historical records relating to individual parcels. 

TO/24 also adds a broad range of new online services:

  • Adds the ability to submit Construction Permit applications, Public Works Grading, Paving and Encroachment Permit applications online.  
  •  Allows applicants to review status, submit plans, and make corrections, as needed. 
  • Consolidates services currently provided through various technological programs into a single system. This consolidation will reduce the need for customers to learn and access multiple technological systems.   
  • Improves the planning case submissions process and helps to standardize the electronic plan review as a collaborative, efficient and sustainable solution for development projects.
  • Expands online payment methods beyond credit card, to include electronic check payment.
  • Services and electronic solutions offered through TO/24 will evolve to further meet customer needs in the future.   
Need help with the new TO/24 system? Call 805-449-2518 for staff assistance.