Environmental Documents

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State law (California Environmental Quality Act) requires that all cities evaluate and consider the potential effect on the environment of projects they undertake directly, such as a capital works project, or for a private entity where the City approves an application.

If the City determines the project may have a significant effect on the environment, the City must prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR):

  • Describing the effect of the project on the environment
  • Suggesting "mitigation measures" to reduce the effect
  • Evaluating alternatives to the project which may have less effect on the environment

If the City determines the project will not have a significant effect on the environment, a Negative Declaration is prepared stating the reasons why the project will not have a significant effect and suggested mitigation measures.

The EIR or Negative Declaration must be certified or approved by the City's decision-making body. Before the document is certified or approved, the City must:

  • Provide a draft copy for public review
  • Include comments that the City received on the draft, and the City's response to them

Draft Negative Declarations and Environmental Impact Reports that are now in the public review process are listed below. If no reports are listed, there are no current projects available for public review.

Environmental Impact Reports

  • Conejo Summit Project (EIR 2022-70771)

  • Latigo Hillcrest Project (EIR 2022-70774) - 2015 W. Hillcrest Drive

    • Notice of Preparation
    • Notice of Availability
    • Notice of Completion
    • Draft EIR
    • Appendices to Draft EIR
    • Hillcrest Specific Plan (SP-24)
    • Final EIR
    • CEQA Findings
    • Notice of Determination

 Mitigated Negative Declarations

 Negative Declarations

Environmental Checklists

  • No documents available to review at this time.