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The City’s General Plan includes a Land Use Map with various designations that allow different uses and intensities. 

  • Very Low Density Residential (0-2 dwellings per net acre)

  • Low Density Residential (2-4.5 dwellings per net acre)

  • Medium Density Residential (4.6 to 15 dwellings per net acre)

  • High Density Residential (15-30 dwellings per net acre)

As part of an analysis of Measure E in late 2017, the City identified several residential areas in the City where the General Plan allows a density range a whole category above what the neighborhood was actually built at.  That means the General Plan would allow significantly more growth in that particular neighborhood, more than likely is appropriate given the existing character of the neighborhood.

The City Council directed staff to begin to process General Plan Amendments to such neighborhoods, which would reduce the allowed density to better match what was actually built.

City staff believes these changes can better protect the character of established neighborhoods. 

Based on Measure E, reducing densities in one area of the City has the effect of making those units potentially available elsewhere, subject to City Council authorization.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Senior Planner Jeffrey Specter at 805-449-2324 or