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Mobile Home Parks

The City of Thousand Oaks has recently updated the City’s Mobile Home Rent Stabilization Ordinance (Thousand Oaks Municipal Code - Title 5, Chapter 25). This ordinance regulates rent for mobile home pads and protects tenants from excessive increases while allowing landlords a reasonable return on their property.

Special Supplemental Rent Adjustment

In 2011, the City reached an agreement with park owners and tenants which outlined the amount space rents could be increased during a ten-year period. This Special Supplemental Rent Adjustment is set to expire on August 18, 2021. Going forward, annual rent increases will be calculated by multiplying 100% of the Consumer Price Index by the base rent.

State Law Updates on Mobile Home Parks

Since the last time the City modified its Mobile Home Rent Stabilization Ordinance in 2011, the State of California has passed several laws that regulate mobile home parks. This includes changes to regulations such as, updates to definitions and updates pertaining to vacancy and decontrol/recontrol. The City has also added relevant references to the governing Civil Code and other minor edits to provide more clarity. To comply with State law and provide more clarity, the City’s ordinance reflects these changes.

Rent Adjustment Commission

The Rent Adjustment Commission (RAC) was established in 1980. The purpose of the RAC is to hear applications by park owners for rent increases related to Just and Reasonable return and establish regulations related to their duties. The RAC duties are being reassigned to the City Planning Commission. The primary reason for re-assigning these duties is that the Planning Commission is an already established entity that operates under established procedures, rules and regulations similar to what is required for rent adjustment requests. The Planning Commission represents an unbiased authority appointed by City Council. Given the involved process and amount of effort required to maintain a separate commission and the anticipated few numbers of requests, assigning these duties to the Planning Commission presents a logical and more efficient way of conducting City business.

While the above changes have been made to the mobile home ordinance, rent control is not proposed to be eliminated. There will still be a process for park owners to request Capital Improvement and Just and Reasonable adjustments to rents and a process for tenants to respond to those requests.

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Mobilehome Park Maintenance Inspections

In accordance with California Health and Safety Code section 18400.1 (Opens in New Window), HCD conducts Mobilehome Park Maintenance (MPM) inspections to ensure compliance with health and safety laws. Inspections include the general areas, buildings, equipment, and utility systems of mobilehome parks, each individual lot, and the exterior portions of individual manufactured homes and mobilehomes in each park inspected. When a "Notice of Planned Inspection" has been posted in a conspicuous location within the mobilehome park, the inspection will be conducted within 30 to 60 days of the "date posted" shown on the Notice of Planned Inspection. At least 30 days prior to the inspection of the mobilehome park, an individual written notice of the inspection will be provided to each resident.