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Housing Information




What is RHNA? 

The Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) is mandated by the State Housing Law. RHNA is the process by which each community is assigned its share of the housing need for an eight-year period. This allocation consists of two steps. First, the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) determines the total housing need for each region in the state. Second, as the Council of Governments, …[SCAG distributes]… this need to local governments. The RHNA identifies each jurisdiction’s responsibility for planning for housing, and is divided into four income categories that encompass all levels of housing affordability. Click here for more information on income categories. Once it receives its RHNA, each local government must update the Housing Element of its General Plan to show how it plans to meet the housing needs in its community.” The Housing Element is then certified by the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development. Thousand Oaks’ RHNA for the eight-year 2021-2029 Housing Element cycle is 2,615 units. 

How can we retain “local control”?

The General Plan is one way we retain control over our communities housing elements. The primary tool for implementing the General Plan is the Zoning Code, which provides requirements for how every property in Thousand Oaks can be used and developed. The General Plan reflects the community’s vision for its future. As such, the General Plan update is a public-driven process involving extensive public engagement. Ultimately, the updated General Plan must be approved by the City Council. In addition, the housing element portion of the plan must be certified by the state Department of Housing and Community Development as meeting certain state housing requirements. The current Housing Element covers the RHNA cycle of 2014-21

The General Plan update is a community-driven process that is dependent on public input. Please visit toaks2045.org to sign up for our mailing list and receive announcements about upcoming opportunities to participate including events, workshops, and online surveys. Also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @toaks2045. 

How can I find development activity around town?  

You can access the latest Development Activity Reports here.