Code Compliance

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The Code Compliance Division is responsible for enforcement of the Municipal Code including zoning/land use, property maintenance, oak tree/landmark tree conservation, abandoned vehicles on private property and substandard housing. 

The Code Compliance Program’s goal is to draw property owners’ attention to code violations which could have a negative impact on their property, neighborhood or city. Through voluntary compliance and a spirit of personal responsibility for our community, this program helps to maintain Thousand Oaks' quality of life.

The benefits of properly maintained private property range from an enhanced image of the community to increased property values. Each of us, as citizens and/or property owners, owe it to ourselves and our neighbors to maintain our homes and businesses in a manner benefiting the City’s overall appearance. Common Code violations include:

  • Property Maintenance: Neglected, overgrown or lack of landscape; neglected, deteriorated, unpainted or unfinished structures without a building permit; inoperative vehicles on private property; auto repair in front yards; home based businesses; debris, solid waste, green waste, machinery stored or kept in yard areas; polluted water.
  • Building/Housing: Sub-standard housing conditions; building modifications without required permit/approval (e.g. garage conversion, room addition, re-roofing).
  • Other Violations: Violation of zoning conditions; signs, banners, or other advertisements displayed without a permit; distributing handbills, unauthorized pruning/removals of oak and landmark trees. 

City Assistance

The success of this program rests upon each resident, acting as a good neighbor by properly maintaining his/her private property. Under our country's Constitution, we all enjoy property protection. However, the term "property rights" also implies that a property owner has certain responsibilities. No property within the City may be used or maintained in a manner that is a "public nuisance," which downgrades the value, use, enjoyment or safety of one’s own or surrounding property.

Code violations can exist in any neighborhood. Usually, these conditions have not been corrected because a property owner is unaware of a code violation or is unable to make the necessary repairs. Should you desire to file a code compliance complaint, it may be submitted through the following options:

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