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2-hour inspection windows will be available this week but will likely be posted after 8:00am each day.  Please be advised that your inspection could occur as early as 8:00am.

How to Schedule Inspections?

  • Online - Inspection requests  are accepted online by clicking the "Access Click-to-Gov Here" button.
  • Phone - Dial via automated Services  (805) 449-2500 (Option 2).
  • Staff Assistance please call 805-449-2500 (option 0) during regular business hours.
 Access Click-to-Gov Here

Find Your Estimated 2-Hour Inspection Window:

Inspections are conducted between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM. The City provides two-hour estimated inspection time windows on the day of the inspection. Time windows are posted by 8:00 AM each business day and listed by permit number.  

IMPORTANT: Inspection time windows are not guaranteed and unforeseen circumstances may cause an unannounced adjustment to the inspector’s schedule. 

 2-Hour Inspection Window Here

After 8:00 AM, the link below should load today's inspection list. If you are still seeing yesterday's list, please check back shortly.  You will need to close the browser fully and re-open to load the new list (refresh will not work).

How do I Find my Permit Number?

If you do not have your permit number, you can look it up by clicking the "Access Click-to-Gov Here" button.

 Access Click-to-Gov Here