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Building Permits

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Building and Planning specialists staff the permit process center, designed to coordinate the permit approval process while ensuring a high degree of customer service for all development permit activities. Located at the public counter, customers can complete their business related to permit issuance in a central location. Staff provides assistance with building applications and plan submittals, permits for residential and commercial improvements, over-the-counter plan checks, and zoning information. Department handouts and permit application forms are also available.


Option for Licensed Contractors: Permit by FAX Application

Licensed contractors are now able to fax a permit application for certain projects and receive a permit by return fax. Print the Fax Permit Application from the Web Page, fill it out, and return it via fax at the above number.

FAX applications will be accepted for:

  • Replacement of water heaters and plumbing fixtures (i.e., water closets, sinks, etc.)
  • Repair or replacement of gas, water, or sewer lines.
  • Installation of lawn sprinkler systems.
  • Replacement of electric services up to and including 200 amp. Minor electrical work (i.e., additional outlets, lights, etc.).
  • Installation or replacement of furnaces and HVAC units in existing dwellings.

Please provide a site plan for a/c location showing lot dimensions, and unit distance from property line.
Contractors must have a pre-approved fax service permit application form on file with the Building Division to participate in this program. The application form must be completed entirely and legibly including all expiration dates and signature(s) to be acceptable.

The Building Division will attempt to have the permit processed within three to four hours provided the request is received during work hours and in sufficient time to complete the transaction before the end of the work day. (Permits returned via fax upon request.)

Please remember, an application for a permit is not a permit! The application will be valid only when the applicant has received the permit.