FAA Flight Patterns

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FAA_buttonTo make our local airspace safer and more efficient, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has implemented several flight path adjustments over Southern California skies between Santa Barbara and San Diego.

According to FAA studies, the change will result in a slight net reduction in sound MetroxplexFAQButtonthroughout the City. While some neighborhoods will see and hear fewer overhead flights, others may notice an increase. Many factors, like terrain and wind direction can influence this.

The flight-path adjustments are part of the FAA's SoCal Metroplex Project. To learn more about the science behind the project and new flight tracking technologies, or to view frequently asked questions, please visit the Metroplex Environmental Studies site.

Concerned residents can visit www.lawa.org/laxanc to identify exactly what aircraft is causing excessive noise and submit comments. Members of the public can also call the 24-hour LAX Noise Complaint Line at 424-64-NOISE or 424-646-6473.

Airplane traffic and volume is unfortunately an area outside of the City's purview. But you may contact the FAA as well as local legislators to share your input. You can find local legislative contact information here.