Fire Safety

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In the aftermath of the Woolsey Fire and other extreme fire events in southern California, there has been significant community interest in fire safety and how the management of vegetation on our local open spaces can contribute to community safety. As land managers, we take our stewardship responsibilities seriously and strive to carefully balance our land management priorities to promote a healthy and safe environment. COSCA’s land management as related to fire is based primarily on scientific approaches along with meeting the requirements set forth in the Ventura County Fire Code.

Ready, Set, Go! - Wildfire Action Plan from Ventura County Fire Department on Vimeo.

What is the fire risk in the Conejo Valley? Is fire risk a new phenomenon?
What is COSCA doing to protect neighboring homes from wildfires?
Why is the defensible space buffer 100 feet in width? Wouldn’t more vegetation removal be better?
What about blowing embers?
Why doesn’t COSCA use goats to manage vegetation on open space?
Isn’t it good for chaparral and coastal sage scrub plant communities to periodically burn?
Would prescribed burns better protect homes?
Fire Insurance
Where can I read more on this topic?
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Fire Safety Information and Education


National Park Service wildfire ecologist Dr. Marti Witter presented, “Fire History, Climate Change, and Wildfire Recovery in the Santa Monica Mountains” on November 12th as part of the Conejo Open Space Foundation speaker series for 2020. For more information and presentation slides, click here.