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***Please note: This list is not a full representation of all requirements and some items may not apply to your specific property.  Please note that the checklist items below may be processed concurrently.  For questions or requirements specific to your property please call 805-449-2400 to schedule an appointment with a Public Works Development Engineer.***


  1. Check with the Community Development Department (Building and Planning) for their set of requirements prior to meeting with the Public Works Department for review.Potentially, there may be previous conditions that apply to the property.
  2. Grading Permit

    Grading and erosion control plans may be required for the property.  Please verify this with a Department of Public Works (DPW) Development Engineer and if required, please submit a grading permit package that includes:

    a. Grading and Improvement Plans shall at a minimum indicate all topography, existing easements, proposed improvements, drainage features, water/wastewater connections and laterals, interface with adjacent properties, storm drain and drainage systems and driveway or sidewalk improvements (if any).Please submit the plans with a Grading Permit Application and a Consultant Acknowledgement Form, Cost Estimate, Plan Check Fees, and Bonds, if required.

    b. Erosion Control Plans shall be submitted for both phases of land development; the pre-grading / site stabilization phase, as well as the post grading / building construction phase. Please consult with your contractor and DPW inspector for appropriate design.

    c. Geotechnical Soils Reports must be provided and current, meaning they have either been prepared or updated within the last 12 months.                                                                                                                              d. Haul Route Plan or map showing path of travel for trucks when importing or exporting dirt.


  • Upon submittal of the grading permit package and application, please include the current title report and consult with a Public Works Engineer to discuss the Pre-Grading Meeting and Notices required.


  • Prior to Grading Permit issuance, you will need approval of your submitted grading package, payment of all applicable fees and bonds, an approval letter from the HOA (if applicable), approval/signatures from the planning, building & fire department.


  • Once the grading permit has been issued, contact the assigned Public Works inspector to request a Pre-Construction Meeting to confirm erosion control measures have been properly installed prior to start of grading.Upon inspection approval of the erosion control measures, rough grading of the property can commence.
  • Please note, that your building permit will not be issued until the Rough Grading of the building pad is complete and you provide a Rough Grade Pad Certification (approved by the DPW inspector, signed by the engineer/architect, grading contractor and soils engineer) and associated Compaction Report from your soils engineer.Please note however, that your building permit and grading permit can be reviewed concurrently.

Final clearance of the permit and bond release shall take place after final punchlist is cleared, fine grade certifications provided and  all cut and fill slopes planted.


  • Plan Format – All plans submitted to the Public Works Department shall be on 24 inch by 36-inch sheet size, using city standard title block and plans submitted as part of the closure and acceptance of the project shall be on bond paper along with a PDF file.


  • First Submittalshall include the grading plan and soils report with completed grading application. 2 sets of full-sized plans are required along with an electronic PDF copy.You will also need to provide the higher cubic yardage of cut or fill and removal/re-compaction along with your Grading Permit Application and Consultant Acknowledgement Form. Public Works requires up to 3 weeks to review this submittal.
  • Second Submittalshall include the plan check markups (redlines) and the corrected plans.Public Works requires up to 2 weeks to review this submittal.

3. Water Meter Permit

***Only for residents on City Water.  If you are not on City Water, please get with your specific water purveyor for their list of requirements and submittals and provide their final approval to the Public Works Department for review***

For all single-family dwellings, detached condominiums, and duplexes that are required by the Fire Department to install fire sprinkler systems, a new fire-rated water meter shall be required, and the meter box shall be modified to the new standard.  Please refer to the following steps: 

a. Obtain a Fire Flow Form from the Fire Department (Ventura County Fire Department Form 126A).A representative from the Fire Department is available at City Hall every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11:45 for your convenience.

b. Apply for Fire Flow Calculations from the Public Works Department.The calculations may take up to 2 weeks to process. The fee for this service is waived for the fire victims. 

c. Provide Fire Flow Calculations to the Fire Department for their review and approval (approval to be provided via a Fire Department generated Form 126B).Provide this Fire Department approval to Public Works for review.

d. Apply for a Fire-Rated Water Meter Permit - Your Fire Sprinkler engineer will use Form 126B to provide a letter that sizes the water meter for the property.Once the letter is ready, submit it to the Public Works Department to receive your water meter permit.

4. Verification of Usefulness of Existing Wastewater Laterals

Provide adequate proof of wastewater lateral inspection (i.e. video detection of the line or proof of excavation and visual inspection of the lateral).

 5. Encroachment Permit

 Where any construction occurs within public right-of-way, an encroachment permit shall be obtained, plan check and inspection fees paid, an approved traffic control submitted, and bond/security posted (if required) prior to initiating construction of any improvements.

 6. Construction Waste & Recycling Plan


 Submit a Waste & Recycling Plan to  Please contact Vanessa Pellegrino at (805) 449-2439 for assistance.

For additional information on Public Works requirements, please visit the Public Works Engineering Website.  For additional Public Works Development Engineering Forms, please visit the Public Works Development Forms Index.




Ventura County Fire Department

165 Durley Ave., Camarillo, CA  93010 

(805) 389-9710

(805) 389-9738

A representative from the Fire Department is available at City Hall (2100 Thousand Oaks Blvd.) every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11:45 for your convenience

 City of Thousand Oaks

2100 Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Planning Division:        (805) 449-2323

Public Works Division: (805) 449-2400

Building Division:         (805) 449-2500

Please note that City Hall is closed on alternative Fridays.  A schedule of City Hall hours may be obtained from City Hall or at the City’s website