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  1. Fill out a building permit application form for each separate structure.


  2. Submit to the Building Division for plan check:


    a. Three complete copies/sets of proposed building plans with at least one set signed by the architect or engineer of record,

    b. Two copies of the Structural calculations,

    c. Two copies each of energy calculations,

    d. A current soils report (if applicable), and

    e. Other information as required – contact the Building Division.



  3. Pay plan check fee. Plan check number (priority) is established upon payment of fee. When building plan check has been completed, applicant will be notified that plan check correction list is available and ready for pickup.


  4. Electrical and plumbing/mechanical plans are to be submitted when checking is required. Plan check fees on these plans can be paid and plans submitted concurrently with the building plan check, if such plans are readily available when building plans are submitted. However, as required, these plans are to be submitted prior to the issuance of the building permit.


  5. Additional Requirements: Applicant should also check with Public Works, Planning Division and Fire Department for additional requirements.


Additional Fees Due at Time Permit is Issued (contact appropriate department for specific requirements and fees):


a. Flood. Collected by Building Division for Ventura County Flood Control District.

b. Wastewater Connection. Collected by Public Works or Triunfo Sanitation District.

c. Water Plant Investment. Collected by Public Works.

d. Meter Installation. Collected by Public Works.

e. S.M.I.P. Collected by the Building Division for the State of California.

f. Bedroom Tax. Collected by the Building Division.

g. General Capital Improvement Tax. Collected by the Building Division.

h. Road Improvement and Traffic Related. Collected by Public Works.

i. Fire Department Facilities Fee. Collected by the Building Division.

j. Fire Department Construction Fee (Form 126). Collected by the Fire Department.

k. Police Development Capital Improvement Tax.Collected by the Building Division.

l. Park and Recreation Developer Fee (Quimby Fee). Collected by Conejo Recreation and Park District. Submit receipt to the Building Division.

m.School District Developer Fee. Collected by Conejo Valley Unified School District. Submit receipt to the Building Division

7. In the event revisions are needed, the applicant will be notified by the Building Division and the Planning Division to pick up building plan check correction list. It is the responsibility of the applicant to have necessary corrections made and revisions returned to the appropriate division.

8. Revised building plans are reviewed and stamped approved by the Building Division as meeting building code requirements.

9. Clearances: All necessary departmental clearances are to be obtained by applicant. Planning, Public Works and Sustainability Division, where applicable, are to give signed approval on the building permit application form prior to issuance of a building permit.


REQUIREMENTS FOR BUILDING PERMIT ISSUANCE. Applicant’s attention is directed to the following requirements which are, or may be, required prior to issuance of a building permit: (Contact appropriate department for specific requirements and fees.)

  1. Clearance required for all building permits from the Planning Division, Public Works.
  2. Public Works may require: permits for grading, encroachment and on-site paving; street dedication and improvements, grading certifications, storm water quality and drainage mitigate (SQUIMP); and special building design for easements, seismic hazard areas, faults, flood plains, and restricted use areas or setbacks.
  3. Public Works Department, and/or Triunfo County Sanitation District, may require water and/or wastewater connection(s) and related fees.
  4. Ventura County Fire Protection Form 126-B must be completed and the pink copy submitted to the Building Division. This form is available at the Building Division public counter or from Ventura County Fire Protection District.
  5. Contact Fire Department regarding automatic fire sprinkler systems, public assembly buildings, and institutional, industrial and certain commercial and multiple family dwellings and single-family dwellings in high fire hazard area.
  6. Clearance required for public pools and establishments that serve or stock food (restaurants, delicatessens, markets, etc.) from Ventura County Public Health.
  7. Industrial Safety. State permit is required for buildings three or more stories if over 36’ high and construction of trenches or excavations 5’ or greater in depth.
  8. Authorization from Ventura County Air Pollution Control District is required prior to permit issuance if building usage will cause the emission of air contaminants. Residential uses, restaurants and office/commercial buildings with gas-fired space heating less than 1 million BTU/hour are exempt.