Debris Removal

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EPA-DTSC logosPhase 1 Cleanup (removal of hazardous waste)

This phase of cleanup of hazardous waste on fire damaged properties is ongoing and is expected to be finished in late December.  A sign will be posted on the property when the cleanup is finished indicating that the visible and accessible hazardous waste has been removed. Additional hazardous waste may still be on the property, so homeowners should take precautions.

Click here for a map showing progress on Phase 1 cleanup. 

Phase 2 Cleanup (removal of fire damaged structural debris and ash)

Review the Debris Removal Process explanation and then the Debris Removal Q & A to determine which of the below options is right for your situation.

For fully-destroyed structures there are two options:

A) CalOES/CalRecycle "Consolidated Debris Removal Program (Complete Right of Entry Forms) - deadline to apply isJanuary 31, 2019; or

B) Local (City) Program (Complete Local Debris Removal Program Application Forms) - deadline to apply is extended to April 15, 2019

For partially-destroyed structures:

A) Local (City) Program (Partial Local Debris Removal Program Application Package) - deadline to apply is extended to April 15, 2019; or

B) Exemption: landscape, trees, fences, and structures less than 120 square feet (Complete Exemption Form).

Cleanup deadline has been extended to May 15, 2019. Upon Completion of Local (City) Program, complete and submit:

Local Debris Removal Completion Certification (Full)

Local Debris Removal Completion Certification (Partial Burn)

Additional Resources

Underinsured property owners should check out Federal Resources for Under-Insured.

If you have a burned vehicle that you would like to remove, please fill out the Fire Damaged Vehicle form.

If the fire damage to your property was minimal, please follow the instructions in the  Exemption for Minor Fire Damage Exemption.

Reutilization of Existing Structures Affected by Fires

Grading Brochure has helpful information about grading your property.

Local disposal sites for fire debris disposal.

Recycling resources for fire debris recycling.

Helpful links to check licenses and certifications for contractors and consultants.

Guidelines for fire debris removal at residential sites from the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District.

Records request for housing plans and permits on file. 

Guidance on how to clean fire impacted swimming pools