Consumer FAQ's

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  • Q. What type of cannabis activity is allowed in Thousand Oaks?

  • Q. Is delivery of cannabis legal?

  • Q. Can you ingest cannabis in public?

  • Q. Does a condo have the right to restrict cannabis use on the property and in the owners' unit?

  • Q. Does a landlord have the right to restrict cannabis use on their property and in a tenant's unit?

  • Q. Can a landlord prohibit a tenant from cultivation for personal use event though State allow allows it?

  • Q. Can a tenant use cannabis for medical purposes despite the landlord’s prohibition of cannabis on the property?

  • Q. If the lease restricts tobacco smoking but does not address cannabis use, is cannabis use allowed?

  • Q. What recourse do I have if my neighbor smokes cannabis in their apartment and I can smell it in mine?

  • Q. What are cannabis age restrictions?

  • Q. How does cannabis legalization impact tenants under Section 8?

  • What if I have questions or want additional information?