Rental Assistance Program

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Rental assistance

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The City of Thousand Oaks Rental Assistance Program may provide temporary rental assistance for Thousand Oaks residents who:

  • Owe past-due rent (minimum 2 months past due);
  • Have experienced financial impact due to COVID-19
  • Meet all program criteria; and
  • Ensure a completed application.

Assistance Amount:

$3,600 for studio/1-bedroom

$5,600 for 2 bedroom or larger

Basic Eligibility Requirements 

1.    Applicant/tenant must be a resident of Thousand Oaks

2.    Applicant/tenant must establish a need for rental assistance because of an inability to pay rent that is past due to avoid eviction due to:

a.    Loss or reduction of income due to workplace closure, reduced hours, or layoff

b.    Inability to work due to child care needs or need to care for a family/elder member infected with COVID-19

c.     Substantial medical costs due to COVID-19

3.    Applicant’s/tenant’s name must be on lease/rental agreement

4.    Only one member of the household may apply

5.    Landlord and tenant must complete attestation and release of information form

Prepare for the application:

1.    Tenants will need to upload a copy (or photo) of their government issued identification

2.    Tenants must have their household gross income for January, April, and July. 

3.    Tenants must have an email address to apply and will need the name and email address for their landlord. If rent is paid to a property management company, call to determine the best contact person and email address for this application.

4.    The applicant's name must be on the rental/lease agreement. 

5.    Landlords must upload a copy of the rental/lease agreement with the tenant. 

6.    Landlords must supply last four digits of Social Security number or TIN and, if approved, must complete a W-9 form to receive payment (1099 will NOT be issued, but W-9 is required for payables system). 

Need assistance completing the application?

The following non-profit groups are available to help:

Adelante Comunidad 

Safe Passages  

Harbor House

Westminster Free Clinic

Senior Concerns (65 & older only)

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