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Be part of the team that reviews applications and makes funding recommendations to City Council specific to the Community Grant Programs. There are four scheduled vacancies (term ending July 2025) and one unscheduled vacancy (term ending July 2024). The recruitment is EXTENDED through 5:00 P.M on June 16, 2022. 

Purpose:  The Community Funding Review Committee (CFRC) serves in an advisory committee to the City Council relative to funding recommendations of community grants administered through the City Manager’s Office. The Functions and duties of the CFRC is to 1.) Review all eligible funding applications received by the City in a manner consistent with adopted procedures and criteria for each grant program; and 2.) Make recommendations to the City Council for grant awards at the close of each funding application cycle.

Members: Nine members serve three-year, staggered terms. Requirements to serve include, 1) City residency; 2) Conflict of Interest filing; and 3) Ethics training.

Meetings: Meetings are scheduled to coincide with reviewing grant funding applications after each Community Grant Program application period closes. In advance of the meetings, CFRC members are expected to individually review each application using a City-provided form. FY2022-2023 Tentative schedule can be downloaded by clicking here. 

Community Grant Program: Consists of four grants 1) Community Sports Grants (supports building or improvement of existing sports fields or facilities and equipment purchase for use by the community); 2) Community Environmental Enhancement Grants (supports projects having an environmental benefit across a wide cross-section of Thousand Oaks);  3) Community Events Grants (supports artistic and cultural events and activities); and 4) Community Social Services Grants (operational support grants to non-profit agencies assisting primarily lower-income City residents).

For questions or further information on committee functions, please email

Interested to apply?  visit on a google Chrome browser, scroll to Community Funding Review Committee and click "apply" located in the far right column. 

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Please e-mail with any questions.

Grant Documents

Grant Application - Will be posted when application period opens

Grant Agreement Template

Performance Closeout Report

Community Grants Program - Resolution 2021-047

For information on how to submit a successful application, please watch the following video:


Community Sports Grant (CSG) – Application will be released annually in September/ October

The Community Sports Grant (CSG) provides grants for non-profit community and school groups, such as clubs and booster organizations, to update sports facilities or purchase equipment to enhance a sports program. Uniforms are not covered under the CSG funding.  Current award limits: Maximum is $10,000. This grant has a matching fund requirement.

Some of the projects funded through this program include the Westlake High School football stadium, Thousand Oaks High School swimming pool, Conejo Creek South soccer fields, and the Conejo Equestrian Park new ring and pen.

Community Environmental Enhancement Grant (CEEG) - Application will be released annually in November/ December

The Community Environmental Enhancement Grant (CEEG) provides grants for non-profit community and school groups, such as clubs and booster organizations, to choose a community beautification or environmental project to conduct.

Some projects examples for this program include recycling projects, tree planting, litter collection, composting, waste reduction program, water/energy conservation, food diversion (composting, donation or recovery), public outreach and education program, or similar environmentally related activity.

Community Events Grant Application - Suspended for Fiscal Year 2021-22

The Community Events Grant provides grant opportunities to local nonprofit organizations for cultural arts and special events that benefit a cross section of the community.  Current award limits: Minimum $500, Maximum is $8,500. This grant has a matching fund requirement.

Some projects previously funded through this Grant include School band competitions, open-space trail education events, Ballets at the Bank of America Performing Arts Center, performances at other locations through the community, and arts education events.

Community Social Services Grants (SSG) - Application will be released annually in March/ April

The Social Services Grant provides funding to local non-profit agencies who offer essential public and social services to eligible low-income persons. All projects must be completed within one year. Current award limits: Minimum $2,000, Maximum is $10,000. This grant does not have a matching fund requirement.

Projects previously funded through this grant include Meals on Wheels, Caregiver Support Center, Medical supplies, backpack and school supply distribution.

Please note that the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grant are not the same programs and require separate applications.

Community Development Block Grant

Federal funds used for community development projects and public/social services that primarily benefit lower-income households. For more information, click here to visit the CDBG webpage.