Ventura County's Reopening Process

Ventura County has established a process for reopening your business that aligns with the State’s Tier System. For additional information go to and “self-attest” to begin the reopening process.  Businesses must confirm that they are following all of the Ventura County guidelines, including the following:

  •  My business is in one of the designated industries permitted to reopen by the State of California & the VC Health Officer order.
  • I have performed a detailed risk assessment of my business in accordance with the state guidelines .
  • I have a written worksite-specific COVID-19 prevention plan and have posted it at my business.
  • I have implemented control and screening measures for my business.
  • I have implemented disinfecting protocols for my business in accordance with CA Department of Public Health guidance..
  • I have trained employees on how to limit the spread of COVID-19 including how to screen themselves for symptoms.
  • I agree to have an on-duty employee responsible for monitoring compliance with my plan.
  • I have posted the compliance hotline flyer provided in a prominent location visible to the public and employees.
  • Complete the attestation form at

Water Safety

Water delivered to homes and commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities is safe and has been treated to eliminate any viruses or bacteria. However, stagnant water may be present in building systems that have been dormant for a significant amount of time.

If your building has closed during Ventura County’s Stay Well at Home order, it is important to adopt a proactive approach to flushing water and devices during the prolonged shutdown. Stagnant or standing water can provide conditions that favor Legionella and other biofilm-associated bacteria. 

Disinfectants such as chlorine added during the water treatment process will also dissipate over time, and if you have lead pipes, it potentially could leach into stagnant water. Click here for pdf poster.

Additional Recovery Resources

Economic Development Manager:

Haider Alawami

(805) 449-2135