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Map Use Notice:

The GIS online map application is a convenient tool to tap a number of city resources that have been made available for public use via Geographic Information System (GIS) data layers. Map users have the opportunity to see a number of data layers that have been made available for general use. With the exception of parcel data, most data layers are maintained and supported by the City of Thousand Oaks.

County Assessors’ data layers are updated quarterly. These include Parcel property and assessors’ map books.

Although the city has a policy to keep data up to date, there may be very few instances that a layer may contain outdated records. In such cases, the city will endeavor to make the appropriate updates as soon as we receive them. For the most current information, please contact the City’s appropriate department to provide you with the latest data.

Most city layers are maintained in house, but there might be cases where a data layer may appear with slight offset or misalignment on the map. This is due to the fact that some layers have been acquired from external sources and not from the same vendors.

Therefore, the city suggests that users, looking for the highest accuracy, acquire the services of professional surveyors .

About Data Layers (More...)

.  Data layers appear according to their preset map scales or they can be activated by turning them on from the "Layer List Panel".

   Therefore, not all   layers appear at the same geographic scale. For instance, parcel layer turns on at    the 1:36000 scale. 

.  Aerial maps appear at any level, but they need to be activated first.

.   Parcel data are quarterly updated by the Ventura County Recorders and Assessor’s Office.

.   The Centerlines (streets and ancillary roads) layer set was originally acquired from the Ventura County, but it is now maintained by the City of Thousand Oaks.

.   Data such as parks, recreational and open areas are maintained by the Conejo Recreational and Parks District office.

.   Elevation data was purchased by city and is maintained and updated by the city.  

.   Some data can be acquired by clicking the "Extract data from selected layers" button or by requesting them via email.    


For a short video tutorial on how to use certain map functions, please click the blue "Help" button found on the map’s tool bar.

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