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Kmart Site Development Prescreen

This project, located at 325 Hampshire, is scheduled for a prescreen by City Council on Tuesday, May 12th. If you'd like to participate in public comment virtually during this meeting, please click here.

View the project packet and information here

What is Project Prescreening?

The prescreening process is an early evaluation of a proposed concept, to determine if it warrants allocation of residential units under the City’s growth control Measure E. It affords an opportunity for public participation at the onset of a project, and an initial look at a proposed concept by City Council and staff.

Prescreen concepts are evaluated according to criteria previously defined by City Council (Resolution 2018-015). Categories of criteria include: a) suitability of the site; b) quality of design; c) provision of Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) units; and d) community benefits. In addition, projects within the downtown area are evaluated in the context of the Thousand Oaks Boulevard Specific Plan (SP 20). 

Approval of a prescreen does not mean that the project is approved. If a prescreen is approved, it simply means that the project is allowed to proceed through the normal review and evaluation process, including refinement of the concept, formal application, environmental evaluation, public hearing and recommendation by the Planning Commission, and final public hearing and action by City Council.

Because prescreens constitute an early review of a concept, applicants are only required to only provide enough information to determine if the project should be vetted further through the formal review process.