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Getting Charged Up!

city car in charging stationThe City of Thousand Oaks is helping you get charged up with some new electric vehicle chargers around town. A total of 21new charging ports are now available at City facilities. These replace and add to the sixteen outdated chargers previously installed.

You can find EV charging ports for your use at these City locations:

  • four at the Civic Arts Plaza (2100 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.)
  • four at the Transportation Center (265 S. Rancho Rd.)
  • five including one ADA accessible site at the National Park Service/Conejo Recreation and Park District offices (401/403 Hillcrest)
  • two at the Janss Park’n’Ride (1339 E. Janss Rd), and
  • ·one at the Municipal Service Center Visitor parking lot (1993 Rancho Conejo Rd).

The easiest way to find a charger is to use the ChargePoint or PlugShare website or app to find public EV Chargers wherever you travel. You can sort by price, type of connector, network, and current availability. A recent check of the PlugShare site shows approximately 45 locations with chargers in the City; many of these have multiple chargers.

With a $30,000 grant from the Ventura County Air Pollution District to help offset the equipment and installation cost, the City has been able to reduce the cost for charging from a previous rate of $0.39 per kWh to $0.26 per kWh. Currently there are no issues with availability, however, in future, there may be a parking charge for cars left after fully charged if availability becomes an issue.

There are approximately 21,000 EV charging stations statewide and many more to come. The California Air Resources Board has budgeted over a billion dollars for EV initiatives, and the California Public Utilities Commission has also set aside over a billion dollars to help reach the State’s goal of five million zero-carbon emission vehicles (ZEVs) on the road by 2030. There are over 655,000 ZEVs in California now. This total includes plug-in electric vehicles and hydrogen cars. (Did you know that Thousand Oaks hosts the only hydrogen fueling station between the San Fernando Valley and Santa Barbara?)

Considering an EV?
The biggest barrier to EV adoption is “range anxiety” or the fear of running out of “fuel” before reaching your destination. If you’re one of those folk with this fear and are interested whether an EV could meet your needs, download the app, MyGreenCar, developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. for a true simulation. The app tracks your car driving habits as you drive and allows you to virtually test drive multiple EVs, providing realistic estimates of your savings, range and charging needs. You can also add non-EV cars to the simulation and can compare the total costs of ownership based on gas and electricity prices that you set, factoring in purchase price and maintenance requirements for each selected vehicle.

If you still have EV and charging questions, bring them to the experts we’ll have on hand at this year’s Arbor/Earth Day event at Thousand Oaks Library on April 11.

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