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A Clean Sweep: Street Sweeping 101

street sweeping at curbThe Fall season means football, pumpkin spice, sweater weather… and fallen leaves accumulating on City streets. Regular street sweeping is an effective way to remove leaves and litter before the debris clogs storm drains or is washed into waterways by rainfall, polluting our creeks and ocean. Street sweeping service in the City of Thousand Oaks is provided through franchise agreements with our area waste haulers, Waste Management and EJ Harrison. This allows for regular frequent street sweeping and assists the City in meeting stormwater regulations.

When are streets swept?

All public and private residential streets within City limits are swept twice per month from October through April, and once per month from May through September. All non-residential streets are swept weekly. In general, sweeping occurs the day following your regular trash collection day (except for Sunday, and delayed for holidays) between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm. The street sweeping schedule is updated annually and can be found HERE .

What should I do to ensure thorough cleaning of my street?

During the fall and winter months the focus of the City’s street sweeping efforts is leaf removal from street trees to help keep gutter and storm drains clear. To better assist sweepers, please do not intentionally rake, blow or pile up grass clippings, leaves, or pruning waste in the street. The sweeper cannot pick up large piles of debris and those materials will be left for you to remove. Please place leaves and landscape waste from your own property in your green waste container. Street sweeping is intended to clean what naturally is present on the street.

Another way to ensure thorough cleaning of your street is to keep the roadway in front of your house free of large objects and obstructions. Parked vehicles, RV’s, trailers, bicycles, basketball hoops, and waste containers block the roadway and prevent the sweeper from adequately brushing along the curb line. Low hanging trees and shrubs can also hinder sweepers from thoroughly cleaning in front of your home.

We ask residents to follow these guidelines:

  • Remove any vehicle parked on the street - Any vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, boat trailer or recreational vehicle) parked on the street prevents the sweeper from reaching the curb lane where debris accumulates.
  • Remove large debris from the street - Large sticks, branches and pine needles will clog and jam the sweepers' operating systems.
  • No garbage cans in the street on sweep day – The municipal code does not allow garbage, recycling and yard waste containers to be in the street before 6:00 p.m. the day before pickup and after midnight on the day of collection. Like parked vehicles, the waste containers prevent the sweeper from brushing along the curb line.

What if my scheduled sweep day falls on a holiday?

Sweeping service will be performed on the day following the holiday (just like waste hauling services) in cases where holidays fall on regularly scheduled street sweeping days. Please refer to the 2019 Street Sweeping Schedule for a complete list of streets and sweeping dates.

Click here to view our Street Sweeping page with FAQs and more.

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