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California CRV Recycling Program

CansThe closure of RePlanet’s bottle and can recycling centers in the City has caused inconvenience for those residents who relied on these centers for redeeming their beverage containers. Unfortunately, this means that many residents will need to drive further to a recycling center, or recycle their containers using the regular curbside collection service and foregoing the redemption value. Recycling centers are private facilities that make business decisions like any other business. In the case of RePlanet, this entailed closing all 284 of their recycling centers in August. Redemption facilities are not regulated by the City, nor does the City select which or where such businesses operate.

California’s “CRV” (CA Redemption Value) program, under which a redemption payment is made on purchased beverage containers and redeemed at certified recycling centers, is governed by State law (Public Resources Code, Division 12.1, California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act, 14500-14599) and administered by CalRecycle (California’s Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery). As stated in that law, “The responsibility to provide convenient, efficient, and economical redemption opportunities rests jointly with manufacturers, distributors, dealers, recyclers, processors, and the Department of Conservation”. Note - the City has no role in this.

CalRecycle has established convenience zones around retail establishments which sell beverages in redeemable containers. Each zone is designated as either (a) served by a recycling center, (b) exempt (recycling service not required), or (c) not served by a recycling center. Retail establishments falling into category (c) must either pay CalRecycle $100 per day, or identify one dealer (supermarket/retailer) within the zone that will redeem all empty beverage containers at their cash registers or at a single location within their store.  There is currently a list of retail locations in the City that fall into this category and who are obligated to redeem the CRV on your empty beverage containers.  This list is provided below.

Stores within zones that previously fell into category (a) because they were served by RePlanet will now receive notices from CalRecycle that they must provide a recycling center within their zones. Since three notices each 30 days apart are required by law, it could take 90 days for the stores to take action. After that, it could take another two months or so for CalRecycle to certify a new recycling center. So, in all likelihood, it will be five to six months before recycling service is provided in those areas previously served by RePlanet.

In the meantime, the following alternatives are available to City residents for recycling beverage containers:

  1. Use a redemption center located in a nearby city, such as  Agoura (1 location), Simi Valley (2 locations), Camarillo (2 locations) or Oxnard (3 locations). See our webpage for address listing.
  2. Redeem items at your closest certified retail establishment from the list below:


    1822 E Avenida De Los Arboles

    Thousand Oaks


    2048 E Avenida De Los Arboles

    Thousand Oaks


    550 N Ventu Park Rd

    Thousand Oaks

    Gelsons Market

    1736 E Avenida De Los Arboles

    Thousand Oaks


    1135 Lindero Canyon Rd

    Thousand Oaks

    Stagecoach Liquors

    1536 Newbury Rd

    Newbury Park

    ARCO am/pm

    2305 Borchard Rd

    Newbury Park

    Walmart Neighborhood Market

    512 N Ventu Park Rd

    Newbury Park

    Smart & Final

    2100 Newbury Rd

    Newbury Park

    Newbury Liquor Market

    2199 Michael Dr

    Newbury Park


    583 N Ventu Park Rd

    Newbury Park

    Ventu Park Liquor & Market

    503 N Ventu Park Rd

    Newbury Park

    Mercado Guadalajara

    2454 W Hillcrest Dr

    Newbury Park

    Newbury Park Chevron

    2290 Borchard Rd

    Newbury Park


  3. Use your curbside recycling bin (and forego the redemption value).

The City encourages all residents to continue recycling their bottles and cans. Your regular curbside recycling container can be used for this purpose. For those who wish to collect the redemption payment made on these containers, please use one of the alternative locations provided above. The City will continue to update our webpage as developments occur.

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