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Delayed Electric Bills

electric meterAre you one of the many residents who has not received an electric bill lately? The City has received information that Southern California Edison (SCE) has encountered issues with its billing system that have caused delays in issuing bills and incomplete bills for some customers. The City has learned that some customers have not received an SCE bill since April. Over the next few months, SCE will be sending bills to impacted customers that contain two or more billing periods and may include charges that SCE failed to include in previous customer bills. 

If your bills are higher than expected, please note that this does not mean that you are being charged extra and or being double-billed. Bills will be higher than normal for all customers who were not billed correctly for past electricity usage. No late fees or penalties will be applied and if the higher than normal monthly bills are a financial burden, customers are encouraged to contact SCE at 800-655-4555 to arrange a payment plan.

SCE will include a message referencing the delayed billing issue on the statements of all impacted accounts. If you provided SCE with an email address, you may receive notifications that way. 

Please note that bills for folk served by CPA are now divided into two portions – one for SCE’s charges and one for CPA charges (the cost of the electricity itself). You are not being billed double for the same thing. Those served with electricity from SCE will just see SCE charges listed. These will include line items for electricity generating charges that CPA customers will encounter on the CPA portion of their bill. For more information on reading your bill, please check out our blog from earlier this year.

Note also that SCE’s rates went up again on June 1st. CPA’s rates are tied to SCE’s as follows:

  • Lean Power (36% renewable content) costs 1-2% less than SCE’s standard rate
  • Clean Power (50% renewable content) costs the same as SCE’s standard rate
  • 100% Green Power costs 7-9% more than SCE’s standard rate

You may switch between these alternative CPA plans at any time by calling their customer service number at 1-800-655-4555.

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