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Got Waste? There's a New App For That

Use the new RecycleTO App to find out what is recyclable and where you can take special disposal items

Does the empty milk carton belong in the trash or recycle? Pizza box? Yogurt cup? LED light bulb? Take-out container? Garden hose? Where can I take paint? How about my old couch? Do you debate these kinds of questions with your colleagues at work? With your kids or your spouse? Or do you stand over your own bins, smartphone in hand, hoping the internet can answer these common questions, only to be bogged-down by the overabundance of (sometimes confusing) information?

phone with recollect app

Although recycling has been available in our community since the early ‘90s, most people are still unsure about which items are recyclable and which are not. Waste-not, worry-not, folks: the City of Thousand Oaks’ Sustainability Division recently launched RecycleTO, a mobile app designed to help you properly manage your waste. From simple trash and recyclable materials to bulky items to household hazardous wastes and beyond, the app’s got you covered.

Simply type in the name of the item you no longer need under the “What goes where” tab (indicated by a magnifying glass with a recycle symbol in it) and RecycleTO will tell you how to properly recycle, compost, dispose, donate, or reuse it. Select the item and the tool does the rest. It will even provide a GPS navigation link to get you to the right drop-off location if the item cannot be tossed in your curbside bin. Don’t see your item listed when you search for it? At the bottom of the ‘Search’ list you can suggest an item be added to the tool and our Sustainability Division will review suggestions to ensure the tool is updated. The app has info on hundreds of different items and is continuously learning as more and more residents use it. Note that the ability to recycle certain materials can vary slightly from region to region, depending on processing facilities, so what holds in Thousand Oaks may differ slightly from Los Angeles, for example.

The “My Schedule” tab allows you to look up your home’s trash collection schedule, sign up for waste collection reminders by email, phone call, text message and Twitter, download your collection schedule into your calendar, print out your collection schedule, see when your street will be swept, and view upcoming environmental events at the City.

Got waste? RecycleTO. Available in the Google Play and Apple App stores now!

Click here to use RecycleTO online!

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