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Turf Rebates are Back - Act Quickly Though!


The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) announced that the turf rebate program will be offered starting July 1, 2018 and accept up to $50 million in applications annually. This program was very popular during the drought with over 160 million square feet of grass removed which saved enough water to serve about 64,000 households annually. The turf program ended in 2015. Because the turf rebates were so popular and MWD continued to get multiple requests, the program is back! New criteria include:


•    Up to $1/square feet
•    Maximum of 1,500 square feet
•    Landscape plan required
•    Sustainable landscape required
•    Irrigation system changes
•    Minimum plant coverage
•    No bare soil allowed
•    No synthetic turf
•    180 days to finish the project

Homeowners must remove turf from their front lawns first. If the front lawn turf has already been eliminated, then the homeowner can do the side and backyard. Online landscaping classes for the public can be found at

A separate turf removal rebate program is available for commercial customers.  MWD will also offer classes to landscape professionals to become certified water-efficient landscapers.

Customers of all three water agencies serving the City of Thousand Oaks are eligible to participate in the MWD rebate programs. If you are interested in the program, you should prepare your landscape plans in advance of submitting your application. When the funds run out, the program will close until next year. Additional information about the turf rebate is available at

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