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One day-a-week watering (drip irrigation included)

August 2022 – Recent conversations with residents who have received a violation notice indicate that there is still some confusion over watering restrictions. Restrictions apply citywide to both residential and commercial properties. For details, please go to water 1 - Cropped

One-day-a-week for all irrigation systems: Your irrigation system can only be run one day a week unless you have an exception to water an additional day for slope stability reasons (see below). This rule applies to all irrigation systems including low-volume (drip). Although your required low-volume irrigation system can only be run on your assigned irrigation day (odd addresses: Saturday; even: Sunday), they can be run for longer than the 10-minute limit for traditional spray systems.

New 10-minute time limit (September 1): Metropolitan Water District (MWD) required that the time limit for traditional spray systems be reduced to 10 minutes effective September 1st. This change was adopted at the City Council at the August 30th meeting.

Hand-watering: Hand watering refers to the use of a hand-held bucket or similar container or a hand-held hose equipped with a positive self-closing water shut-off nozzle or device. Hand watering can be used on any day only as needed to keep trees and shrubs (but not turf/lawn) alive

Low-Flow or Low-volume Irrigation

Low-flow or low-volume devices, also known as Micro-irrigation emission devices include drip emitters and micospray devices. They are defined by the 2014 ASABE/ICC 802 – 2014 Landscape Irrigation Sprinkler and Emitters Standard as follows:

“An emission device intended to discharge water in the form of drops or continuous flow at rates less than 30 gallons per hour at the largest area of coverage available for the nozzle series when operated at 30 psi, except during flushing.”

Exceptions to use of low-volume irrigation

The transition period to convert traditional spray sprinklers to low-volume drip irrigation ended on July 31.

Spray sprinklers are only permitted in residential settings for irrigation of ground cover and plantings used for erosion control on steep slopes, and fuel modification zones where the use of drip is infeasible. For other residential settings, low-volume (drip) systems must be used.

In active playing fields and recreation settings in public parks, schools, daycares, and golf courses, spray sprinklers are permitted. For other commercial/institutional settings, low-volume systems must be used.


Property owners are allowed an additional day of watering (Wednesday) to irrigate existing ground cover or other non-turf vegetation planted and essential to maintain slope stability on slopes of at least 6 feet in height and exceeding 20% grade, with City Engineer’s approval. If you are not a City of Thousand Oaks Water Agency customer, please request approval through your purveyor.


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