Wendy 101 Bridge Project


This $16 million interchange project has been completed and now includes additional travel lanes in each direction, additional lanes for on and off ramps and new signal modifications on both sides of the bridge.  As designed, project objectives included the following:

-Provide critical traffic congestion relief at a major freeway interchange
-Improve seismic strength of the bridge
-Expand the intelligent transportation system on the 101 corridor
-Provide environmental protection through stormwater quality treatment

To increase motorist safety, a red arrow (no right turn on red) was installed at the intersection of Wendy/Camino Dos Rios & Academy Drive. The restriction was installed to address:

-Conflict points with the three lanes turning from the northbound off ramp.
-The two concurrent right hand turn lanes placing outer vehicles further into intersection and  3) -
-Speeding vehicles traveling southbound with a green light. 

To offset the restriction of the turning movement, the green light for motorists exiting Academy onto Wendy/Camino Dos Rios has been elongated for all directions. Conflict point diagrams are provided below. Additional project details from start to finish are also provided.


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Project Manager:
Dan Lazo
(805) 449-2443

To view the 11/6/12 installation of steel girders on the Wendy/101 Bridge please click here

Project Description
In May 2013, the City entered into a reimbursement agreement with the Seventh Day Adventist Church to construct intersection improvements at Academy Drive and the 101 Freeway. This project has reduced traffic congestion by adding one lane in both directions and widening the northbound on-ramp and southbound off-ramp and by providing bike lanes and traffic signal improvements.

Project Fact Sheet