Lynn Road Widening Project

What is the City doing?

Where will the City be doing this?

Middle Segment Cross Section

Proposed Improvements - Middle Segment
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Why is the City doing this?

What are some of the impacts resulting from this project?

When is the City doing this work and how long is it going to take

Construction Phases
Construction Phases of Lynn Road Bike Lanes Project

What if I still have questions?
This page will be updated as the project progresses. Additional questions may be directed to John Doe at email or 449-2400

Project History
Lynn Road Project History Timeline

Some frequently asked questions regarding the Westlake Boulevard Sidewalks Project
  1.  What is the cost of this project and how is it funded?
    The project's total cost of $593,000 is funded primarily by a $534,299 Federal Highway Safety Improvement Grant. >
  2. Will any portion of Westlake Boulevard be closed during construction?
    No, but.......
  3.  Why and what trees have to be removed to complete this project?
    Some mature trees are in conflict with the proposed sidewalk installation, A Tree Impact Report was prepared and is provided as an attachment on this page. If the City is successful at obtaining easments from adjoining properties, a meandering sidewalk design may be used to avoid the removal of mature trees.  A Sidewalk Realignment Plan has also been prepared that describes why and which sycamore and pine trees in the Cal-Trans right of way need to be removed.
  4.  Why does a sidewalk have to be installed?
    Westlake Boulevard is a very busy street with     vehicles using is each day. Its is also frequented by bicyclists and pedestrians on a regular basis. The installation of a sidewalk will dramatically improve the safety of all users and improve the aesthetics of the area.
  5.  Where and when will community meetings for this project be held?
    Two community meetings will be held for this project; one after concept plans have been prepared and a second near the completion of the project's final design prior to seeking construction bids. Residents near the project will be notified of the meetings and along with an email notification to those individuals that have signed up through this website.
  6.  What other questions do we need to answer that need to be posted?
    The City ......