Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is responsible for the management of the public infrastructure within the City, which includes streets, sidewalks, street trees, storm drains, water/wastewater and traffic signals. The Department provides engineering services, records management, and assessment districts within the City limits. Other functions include emergency preparedness and response, public transit, encroachment permits, and environmental and sustainability services. To learn more about the services and programs provided by the Public Works Department, schedule a tour when the City's offers an open house as part of National Public Works Week held during the third week of May each year. To learn more, click here. 

Nationally Accredited
In 2010 the City of Thousand Oaks was the first agency in Ventura County and the 63rd in the nation to be accredited by the American Public Works Association (APWA). In 2014, the Public Works Department was re-accredited by the APWA and recognized for its best management practices and procedures. The City is also an active member and supporter of the local APWA Ventura County Chapter.

The Municipal Service Center provides maintenance and field services for the City's infrastructure. For service needs, please call (805) 449-2499.  The Hill Canyon Wastewater Treatment Plant provides wastewater treatment services for Thousand Oaks. Below is a summary of specific programs and services.

After Hour Emergencies
(805) 449-2499

Environmental Programs
(805) 449-SAVE

Graffiti Removal
(805) 449-2488

Street Light Repair
(800) 611-1911
(Southern California Edison)

Transit & Dial-A-Ride
(805) 375-5473

Water Conservation
(805) 375-5747

Traffic Signal Repair
(805) 449-2499

Request City Assistance
(805) 449-2499

Emergency Alert Registration
(805) 648-9283