Detectives with the Thousand Oaks Police Department investigate crimes that occur within the City. These detectives are assigned to teams with responsibility for specific types of crimes. Crime reports are divided into categories that allow investigators with critical training and experience to handle those types of cases that need their expertise. These categories include Crimes against Persons, Property Crimes, Forgery and Fraud Cases and Misdemeanor Crimes.

Investigators continue to rely upon community partnerships to obtain information about criminal activity. They also ensure that the public is educated about crime trends, in an effort to ultimately identify suspects and make arrests.

Our Investigative Unit has entered into an exciting and new partnership with the Ventura County District Attorney's Office. With the funding from a State grant, District Attorney Greg Totten has assigned a Senior Deputy District Attorney to work within our Investigative Unit. This allows detectives to file certain cases with the District Attorney without having to drive to the Government Center in Ventura. When search warrants are required, working with a Deputy District Attorney in the East County Police Facility saves time and ensures the timely response to protect evidence.