Thousand Oaks is a General Law City with a Council/Manager form of government. Under this type government, the City Council is the policy-making body, appointing the City Manager who is responsible for carrying out Council policy. City Manager is Scott Mitnick and Assistant City Manager is Andrew Powers.

The Council consists of five members elected from the City at-large.  Councilmembers serve four-year staggered terms. Municipal (local) elections are held in November of even-numbered years. The Council annually selects a Mayor who serves as presiding officer during City Council meetings which are scheduled on Tuesday nights approximately two times per month. (The month of August is recessed.) Besides appointing a City Manager, Council duties include appointing a City Attorney and members of City Committees and Commissions, adopting a two-year budget, enacting legislation and establishing basic City policy.

The programs and services provided by the City of Thousand Oaks are accomplished through City Departments. Each City department oversees multiple municipal functions and programs.  Each department within the City of Thousand Oaks is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to all residents and businesses located in the City.      

City Departments

City Attorney

(805) 449-2170

City Clerk

(805) 449-2151

City Manager

(805) 449-2121

Community Development

(805) 449-2323

Cultural Affairs

(805) 449-2700


(805) 449-2200

Fire (Ventura County)

(805) 389-9710

Human Resources

(805) 449-2144


(805) 449-2660


(805) 494-8200

Public Works

(805) 449-2400