Trash & Recycling - Residential Services

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Wondering what goes in what bin? Check out our Residential Recycling Guide  to find out what goes where.

When you need to dispose of something, if it is not hazardous but still reusable and can be donated to someone else, check our Reuse resource page to choose a center so the item can get a new home instead of a home in the landfill! Also, even if items do not work and are broken, you can still donate to Goodwill, who will take corded appliances and e-waste (computer equipment and TVs), working or not!

For more information on several other trash and recycling programs, please see the links below:

Curbside Solid Waste Service Providers  

  • Waste Management (formerly GI Industries)
    Serving Thousand Oaks & Westlake Areas
    Telephone: (805) 522-9400
    Web Site:

For holiday collection schedules click here.

Curbside Collection Guidelines

  • Trash, recycling and yard trimmings carts may be placed at the curb after 6:00 p.m. the day before your regular collection day, and up to midnight on the day of collection. Thousand Oaks Municipal Code requires that carts be stored out of general public view at all other times.
  • When placing carts curbside, set them at least three feet apart and six feet from parked cars, mailboxes, or other obstructions (see diagram below).
  • Cart handles and wheels should face toward your home.
  • Cart lids must be down for collection.
  • Carts may not be serviced if they are over-filled or exceed maximum container weight, are inaccessible, or contaminated with unacceptable material.
  • Carts must be filled so that material will fall freely when serviced.

Additional Trash and Recycling Information

  • Senior Discount: Individuals at least 62 years of age that are head of household are eligible for a $3.00 reduction off the basic rate. For details, contact your service provider.
  • Service Level Discounts: Reduced levels of service are available for smaller households with limited waste collection needs.   Contact your service provider for additional information and to make adjustments to your service.