Trash & Recycling

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The Residential link to the right will take you to more information about curbside and other trash and recycling services. Wondering what goes in what bin? Check out our Residential Recycling Guide  to find out what goes where, and download our new RecycleTO app at the links above.

State requirements for commercial recycling have changed a lot over the past decade. If you are a business owner, make sure to click on the Commercial link in the right sidebar to get the latest information.

When you need to dispose of something, if it is not hazardous but still reusable and can be donated to someone else, check our Reuse resource page to choose a center so the item can get a new home instead of a home in the landfill! Whether you have books, food, clothing, building materials and other goods, they can find a new home and proceeds from many centers go to underserved in our community.  Even if items do not work and are broken, you can still donate to Goodwill, who will take corded appliances and e-waste (computer equipment and TVs), working or not!

Want to recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans and glass bottles and get your CRV fees back? Find a local beverage container recycling center