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    April is Arbor Earth Month

    This year’s event will take on a new format that allows us to better engage with our residents by providing a setting to host both indoor and outdoor activities, and by adding additional activities throughout the month of April. Our main event will take place on...

  • TiresPicture_0600

    Unusual Items that Don’t Go in the Trash Bin

    At a loss trying to figure out what to do with something you have a feeling should not be going into your trash bin? Here we hope to provide the answers to your questions regarding...

  • elec meter2

    Thousand Oaks to Offer Clean Electricity Options

    If you’ve been waiting to “go green” in regard to your energy use, but are unable to install solar on your property, this program will offer you a way to participate in clean energy options. On December 12, 2017...

  • TO police station lobby med bin

    Prescription Drug Disposal Changes

    The Thousand Oaks Police station accepts unwanted medications year round from residents via a disposal bin in their lobby. There have been recent changes in the disposal procedures, which include...

  • connect_to_website

    New Mobile App Puts the City of Thousand Oaks at Your Fingertips

    In addition to reporting things like graffiti, potholes, and overgrown or fallen City trees, residents can also report situations relating to sustainability issues. For example...

  • Ivy-Rain-Barrel

    The Rain Barrel Rebate is Back!

    If you have rain barrels in your yard, you can easily collect water from your raingutter downspouts and reuse it for your garden during drier times! Despite low amounts of rain in Southern California, every barrel collected is free water! To get the rebate, go to...

  • IMG_1442

    Free Cooking Oil Disposal Event in Moorpark Dec 2

    Sending fats, oil and grease down your drains lead to a call to the plumber! All that holiday cooking and turkey frying leads to lots of oil, so bring it over to...

  • holiday lights on house

    Make the Switch to LEDs

    In the last couple of years, exciting improvements have been made in LEDs that make then even more appealing to customers. LED lighting is not a new technology, but with declining costs and improved performance, LEDs...

  • WasteManagementRecyclingTruck

    2018 Trash Bill Increases

    Recent policy changes in the Chinese export market is having a profound effect on the domestic recycling industry, causing disruption in...

  • pexels-photo-373957 appetizers

    Donating Extra Food and Toys During the Holidays

    As we approach the Holiday season, the City of Thousand Oaks Sustainability Division would like to remind you to conserve resources by donating extra ...