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  • Lush Lawn, Low Water

    With permanent restrictions in place and future rainfall uncertain, many residents opt to remove their thirsty lawns in favor of drought tolerant grasses and landscaping. However, some people still want to maintain a patch of grass for their kids or pets. Fortunately, there are now...

  • Biochar Saves Water While Plants Thrive

    Biochar reduces water usage by 50% due to its porous properties, and crop yields are healthier and larger when...

  • Beat the Heat This Summer

    Summertime means rising temperatures and - unfortunately - rising energy bills. Here we've collected some easy-to-implement tips* to help you control your energy costs and reduce your environmental impact - and in some cases, qualify for...

  • Zero Waste Lunch Tips & Non-Toxic School Supplies

    Disposable products in lunches, such as napkins, plastic bags and utensils, juice boxes, and individual bags of chips add an extra $250 per school year (per child) not even mentioning the environmental costs. Go green and make it a goal to put sustainable practices into their lunches by...

  • Up to $10,000 in Free Energy Upgrades for your Business or Non-profit

    Small businesses and non-profits can receive free or low-cost energy-saving products and installation from SCE. The Direct Install program only comes to our region every...

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