2018 Street Resurfacing Program

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Much like any big renovation, there is much prep work to be done to get to the end goal of great looking streets!  The construction work in your neighborhood requires a multi-step process that includes several different types of work performed by several different contractors which may not happen at the same exact time. We appreciate your patience and cooperation and we work to meet the community goal of having top notch roadways!

Wondering when we may be in your neighborhood?


1) Use this map to find your Area #


2) Using  your Area # from above, check the map here to see when your street will be closed


3) If you don't see your area listed,  please continue to check back as schedules become available
4) In addition to the above-listed project maps, here is a complete list of streets in this year's project


For additional information, please email yourstreets@toaks.org or call 805.449.2487