2018 Street Resurfacing Program

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Project Background

The City is responsible for maintaining approximately 380 miles of streets valued at $700 million-- the largest and most valuable infrastructure in the City. The City's Pavement Management Program (PMP) determined that COT Slurry Logo (002)approximately $6.5 million per year is needed to maintain Thousand Oaks streets with a  "very good condition" rating. Existing gas tax revenues provide only $2 million annually, leading to a deferred maintenance backlog of $4.5 million per year. In response, the City Council authorized a one-time $10.8 million increase in spending to offset a major portion of the deferred maintenance. 

Project Time Frame

The project will begin in April 2018 and be completed by November 2018. 

Project Budget & Funding

The project is being funded through a one time City Council approved CIP budget allocation of $10.8 million from the general fund and, $3 million from locally collected State gas taxes. The City also expects to receive  a $250,000 State CalRecycle Grant.

Project Highlights

  • 12 miles of pavement overlay on arterial streets
  • 18 miles of overlay on collector and residential streets
  • 18 miles of pavement slurry seal on residential streets
  • Installation and modification of 295 curb ramps to comply with ADA requirements
  • Resurfacing of 3 City facility parking lots

Additional Information and Questions

For additional information, please email streetwork@toaks.org or call 805.449.2487