Job Specs

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Below is a complete alphabetical listing of the City of Thousand Oaks class specifications..

These classification specifications are provided for reference and informational purposes only. The City of Thousand Oaks does not guarantee that any listed classification specification is the latest or most recent version, that every specification used by the City is represented hereon, or that every listed classification specification is actively used by the City.


Accountant (15.5 KB)
Accounting Assistant I/II (16.9 KB)
Accounting Manager (18.3 KB)
Accounting Specialist (16.6 KB)
Accounting/Customer Service Representative (18.9 KB)
Administrative Clerk I/II (35.4 KB)
Administrative Secretary (21.7 KB)
Administrative Support Supervisor (117 KB)
Assistant Analyst (143 KB)
Assistant City Attorney (18.5 KB)
Assistant City Manager (36.1 KB)
Assistant Human Resources Analyst (20.3 KB)
Assistant Planner (18.1 KB)
Assistant Public Works Superintendent (19.2 KB)
Assistant to the City Manager(18.9 KB)
Assistant Transit Analyst (66 KB)
Associate Analyst (37.1 KB)
Associate Engineer (30 KB)
Associate Human Resources Analyst (21.5 KB)
Associate Planner (18.8 KB)


Box Office Assistant (130.4 KB)
Box Office Supervisor (16.7 KB)
Budget Officer (31.5 KB)
Building Inspection Supervisor (18.8 KB)
Building Maintenance Technician I/II (18.9 KB)


Cable Operations Supervisor (18.2 KB)
Circulation Services Supervisor (17.3 KB)
City Attorney (19 KB)
City Clerk (21.5 KB)
City Manager (19.2 KB)
Code Compliance Manager (18.9 KB)
Code Compliance Officer I/II (19.1 KB)
Combination Building Inspector I/II (18.5 KB)
Communications & Marketing Analyst (241.6 KB)
Communications & Marketing Associate (140 KB)
Community Development Director (19 KB)
Community Development Technician I/II (25.2 KB)
Construction Inspection Supervisor (17 KB)
Construction Inspector (15.4 KB)
Construction Project Coordinator (15.4 KB)
COSCA Manager (19.6 KB)
Crossing Guard (22.6 KB)
Cultural Affairs Director (33.4 KB)
Custodial Crew Leader (16.6 KB)
Custodian (15.4 KB)
Customer Service Representative (16.1 KB)


Debt & Investment Analyst (16.1 KB)
Deputy City Attorney (15.6 KB)
Deputy City Clerk (19.9 KB)
Deputy City Manager (40.5 KB)
Deputy Community Development Director/Building Official (35.1 KB)
Deputy Community Development Director/City Planner (33.4 KB)
Deputy Cultural Affairs Director (32.5 KB)
Deputy Finance Director (33.2 KB)
Deputy Human Resources Director/Risk Manager (31.8 KB)
Deputy Library Services Director (18.9 KB)
Deputy Public Works Director (32.5 KB)
Deputy Public Works Director-Operations (64.4 KB)
Disaster Services Coordinator (34.9 KB)


Economic Development Analyst (65 KB)
Economic Development Manager (22 KB)
Engineering Aide (13.5 KB)
Engineering Assistant (14.7 KB)
Engineering Associate (16 KB)
Engineering Division Manager (25 KB)
Engineering Division Manager (Traffic) (36.8 KB)
Engineering Technician I/II (18.4 KB)
Engineering Technician Supervisor (18.4 KB)
Environmental Programs Coordinator (30 KB)
Environmental Programs Inspector I/II (17.1 KB)
Executive Assistant (28.9 KB)
Executive Secretary (37.1 KB)


Facilities Maintenance Supervisor (18.1 KB)
Facilities Manager (18.5 KB)
Field Inspector (23.8 KB)
Field Service Representative (30.7 KB)
Finance Director (20.2 KB)
Financial Analyst (15.3 KB)
Fleet Services Supervisor (18 KB)
Fleet Technician Assistant (15.6 KB)
Fleet Technician Crew Leader (29.2 KB)
Fleet Technician I/II (21.8 KB)
Fleet Technician Welder I/II (17.9 KB)


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist (140 KB)


Heavy Equipment Operator (29 KB)
House Supervisor (19 KB)
Housing Coordinator (139.3 KB)
Human Resources Director (34.2 KB)


Information Technology AnalystI (15.8 KB)
Information Technology Analyst II (16.2 KB)
Information Technology Analyst III (35.1 KB)
Information Technology Manager (18.7 KB)
Information Technology Supervisor (18.3 KB)
Information Technology Technician I/II (16.8 KB)
Instrumentation and Electrical Technician (16.7 KB)
Internal Auditor Coordinator (126.4 KB)


Laboratory Assistant (16.5 KB)
Laboratory Chemist (15.9 KB)
Laboratory Supervisor (19.2 KB)
Landscape Maintenance Crew Leader (19.1 KB)
Landscape Maintenance Supervisor (18.1 KB)
Landscape Maintenance Worker I/II (35.1 KB)
Legal Office Assistant (22.2 KB)
Legal Secretary (18.8 KB)
Librarian (16.8 KB)
Library Aide (16.4 KB)
Library Assistant (19 KB)
Library Division Manager (22.1 KB)
Library Page (25.1 KB)
Library Services Director (18.5 KB)
Library Services Supervisor (26.8 KB)


Mail Services Worker (73 KB)


Office Supervisor (21.9 KB)


Payroll Specialist (15.4 KB)
Permit Process Manager (17.6 KB)
Plan Check Assistant (17.1 KB)
Plan Check Associate (18.5 KB)
Plan Check Supervisor (33.6 KB)
Planning Division Manager (20.3 KB)
Plant and Equipment Mechanic (15.6 KB)
Print Shop Technician (15.2 KB)
Public Information Officer (35.3 KB)
Public Works Director (32.9 KB)
Public Works Superintendent (61.3 KB)
Public Works Systems Analyst (60 KB)
Purchasing and Inventory Worker (16.9 KB)
Purchasing Specialist I-II (35.9 KB)
Purchasing Supervisor (20 KB)


Recording Secretary (19.2 KB)
Records Management Specialist (30.5 KB)
Records Management Supervisor (20.4 KB)
Resource Division Manager (17.5 KB)
Revenue Operations Manager (35 KB)
Revenue Operations Supervisor (34.4 KB)


Senior Accountant (17.7 KB)
Senior Accounting/Customer Service Representative (16.6 KB)
Senior Administrative Secretary (22.9 KB)
Senior Analyst (36.1 KB)
Senior Building Maintenance Technician (19.2 KB)
Senior Combination Building Inspector (32.5 KB)
Senior Construction Inspector (16.3 KB)
Senior Engineer (31.7 KB)
Senior Environmental Programs Inspector (27.7 KB)
Senior Financial Analyst (16.9 KB)
Senior Human Resources Analyst (22.9 KB)
Senior Information Technology Analyst (16.7 KB)
Senior Information Technology Technician (16 KB)
Senior Instrumentation and Electrical Technician (33.1 KB)
Senior Laboratory Chemist (18.5 KB)
Senior Legal Secretary (33 KB)
Senior Library Assistant (19.2 KB)
Senior Planner (21.2 KB)
Senior Printshop Technician (16.9 KB)
Senior Purchasing and Inventory Worker (20.6 KB)
Senior Purchasing Specialist (35.2 KB)
Senior Recording Secretary (22.9 KB)
Senior Records Management Specialist (31.7 KB)
Senior Stage Technician (16.7 KB)
Senior Theatre Worker (16.4 KB)
Senior Transit Analyst (70 KB)
Senior Video Production Specialist (29.5 KB)
Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (29.7 KB)
Special Projects and Programs Coordinator (28.7 KB)
Stage Technician (15.8 KB)
Street Maintenance Crew Leader (18.6 KB)
Street Maintenance Supervisor (18.3 KB)
Street Maintenance Worker I/II (32.3 KB)
Street Sweeper Operator (15.1 KB)
Sustainability Division Manager (60.6 KB)


Transit Assistant (139.5 KB)
Treasury Assistant (15.7 KB)


Utilities Equipment Operator (28.7 KB)
Utilities Maintenance Crew Leader (32.9 KB)
Utilities Maintenance Supervisor (31.4 KB)
Utilities Maintenance Worker I/II (32.5 KB)
Utilities Superintendent (63.8 KB)


Video Production Specialist (27.3 KB)


Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Supervisor (18.4 KB)
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Supervisor (18.7 KB)
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations/Maintenance Manager (140.7 KB)
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator I/II (30.8 KB)
Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent (19.7 KB)
Water System Operator (22 KB)

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