Community Attitude Survey


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2017 Community Attitude Survey

Postcard mailing begins April 18, 2017. Watch for yours, which includes two PIN # per household. Email us if you do not receive a postcard or need additional PIN's for your household. Each survey-taker will need a PIN # to participate. 

The City of Thousand Oaks has conducted a Community Attitude Survey every five years since 1968. It allows us to sample resident satisfaction and sentiment on a variety of important community issues. It provides data that will be used by City Council and City staff when setting goals and prioritizing projects for the future. In 2013, the City increased the frequency of this survey to every two years. In today's environment, a five year interval is simply too long a span to measure fluctuations in community sentiment and priorities. In February 2015 another survey of 400 randomly selected adult residents was conducted using phone and online methods.

The survey is managed by True North Research Company, a firm specializing in the measurement of community satisfaction, and was conducted in two stages. Stage one included a 400 Thousand Oaks resident random sample phone and online survey. Stage two consisted of a supplemental web version of the same telephone survey open to all adult Thousand Oaks residents.

Past Survey Reports