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Sports Facilities Endowment Fund

Community nonprofit organizations may apply for the City's Sports Facilities Endowment Fund grants between August 1 - September 29, 2017. The City has set aside $100,000 for local non profit organizations' capital projects that benefit sports teams or groups within the City.

Some of the projects funded through this program include the Westlake High School football stadium, Thousand Oaks High School swimming pool, Conejo Creek South soccer fields, and the Conejo Equestrian Park new ring and pen.

Sports Facilities Endowment Fund Grant Criteria

  1. Nonprofit Status: Applicant must be a nonprofit 501 (c)(3).
  2. Matching Funds: Organizations receiving a Sports Facilities Endowment Fund grant will be required to provide at least one hundred percent (100%) match to the City's grant (Defined as Organization funding of 50% or greater of the project cost).
  3. Per Capita Awards: Grants may be limited to a maximum of $200 per individual team member of the benefitting organization. A larger grant may be awarded if the Community Funding Review Committee and the City Council consider the nature and scope of the project warrants such funding.
  4. Demonstrated Need for Funds: Applicant must show a demonstrated need, beyond the normal capacity to fund raise, for the requested funds.
  5. Location of Project: Capital improvement project must be constructed within the boundaries of the City of Thousand Oaks. Evidence of property owner's permission for construction of capital improvement must be included with application.
  6. Benefit to City: To be eligible for funding, organizations must demonstrate that any funds received will be used solely to construct sports facilities which benefit a wide cross section of City residents.
  7. Prevailing Wage: Under California Labor Code Section 1720 the granting of public funds may subject this project to the payment of prevailing wages. Acceptance of the grant requires the grantee to indemnify the City against any claims that prevailing wages are owed from the project.
  8. Timeliness: Requests for funds must be for future capital improvements and not for reimbursement of funds expended on a past project. Funds will not be awarded until the project is ready to go for construction and bids have been awarded.
  9. Frequency of Requests: Funding in consecutive years is acceptable if a clear, community, philanthropic, or public benefit is demonstrated.
  10. Grant Agreement: Organizations receiving Sports Facilities Endowment Fund grants shall enter into a written Grant Agreement with the City and shall stipulate that grant funds will be used solely for the purposed described in the Application form. If the project to be funded with Sports Facilities Endowment Fund support is canceled, postponed or significantly altered or delayed after Grant Agreement is signed, the organization agrees to notify City and to be subject to City review and request to refund grant amount, in full or in part.
  11. All applications must be accompanied by a letter of project approval from the property owner. Applications will be reviewed in October by the Council-appointed Community Funding Review Committee who will make funding recommendations to City Council for approval. For more information, contact

Community Events Endowment Fund

See the CEEF Grant Application Package. The City sets aside $100,000 each year to award to local nonprofit organizations for cultural arts and special events that benefit a wide-cross section of the community. Community organizations may apply for this grant during the annual application period between February 26, 2018 and April 11, 2018. Event or activities must take place between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019 to be eligible.

Performance Grant Fund

The Performance Grant Application is available now through TOARTS. Please visit the TOARTS Grant making webpage for additional information.

Community Enhancement Grant

For questions and concerns regarding the Community Enhancement Grant, please email with CEG Inquiry in the subject line or call the Public Works Department at (805) 449-2439.