The City Of Thousand Oaks operates a 24-hour government television channel designated as TOTV on behalf of the community of Thousand Oaks. The mission of TOTV is to provide direct, non-editorial information to citizens concerning local government, state and national issues of importance. The staff of TOTV welcomes your suggestions and continues to make TOTV a timely and enjoyable resource for residents of the community. TOTV Programming

TOTV’s multiple-award-winning cable programs cover a broad spectrum of municipal topics from our highly acclaimed series on local Police and Fire operations to individual programs such as Affordable Housing. Since 1987, the City's cable television system has evolved into a 24/7-access point, linking city government with Thousand Oaks’ diverse population.

As a public benefit service, TOTV is responsible for providing the community with:

  • Live cablecast and replays of public meetings including: City Council, Planning Commission, Arts Commission, COSCA, Council on Aging, Traffic Commission, Youth Commission and Disabled Access and Appeals Board.
  • Agendas of all televised public meetings, Development Activity Report, emergency notifications and general information services through the TOTV billboard.
  • On-site coverage of local events such as the Mayor’s State of the City Address, Youth Recognition Awards, Housing Forum, Rock the Oaks, Therapeutic Dance, Alliance for the Arts Shoot-Out for the Arts golf tournament, Arbor/Earth Day, ‘Excellence in the Arts’ awards, and dedications.
  • Creation of original programming such as First On Scene, City Pulse, Coastal Clean-up, Hazardous Waste Day, Building & Safety, Local Heroes, Under One Roof-Human Services, HRO Benefits, Affordable Housing, Self Defense for Kids, and various public service announcements.
  • Interstitial programming from sources such as PBS, NASA, National Gallery of Arts, and Navy & Marine Corps News.

For more information call TOTV at (805) 449-2410 or email us at