Business in the City

Local residents, elected officials and City staff work diligently to ensure Thousand Oaks remains a place with open space and economic prosperity. Here, environmental concerns remain a priority, while the vibrant local economy supports high quality City services; from cultural arts and libraries to open space and social services. The City maintains a delicate balance between the environment and economy, ensuring a sustainable healthy community.

Visionary companies like the biotech giant Amgen, and telecom leader Verizon, recognize that Thousand Oaks is the kind of community their employees prize. Other national companies with headquarters or offices located here are Baxter Healthcare, Blue Cross/Wellpoint, General Motors Regional office, Jafra Cosmetics, Rockwell Science Center and Toyota Motor Credit.

With a countywide population of more than 760,000, employers can draw from a highly diverse Ventura County workforce as well as from Los Angeles County, which is in easy commuting distance (40 miles form downtown Los Angeles).

The rich diversity of business provides a strong and stable economic foundation. In fact, sales tax represents the largest source of general revenue to the City; hence, business vitality remains a top priority of City officials, and is recognized as an integral component to the health of the community. The graphic below shows the City's General fund revenues and sources of the City's Budget.