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Notice: This online mapping application is a convenient way to see Assessor's parcels and other maps overlaid on an aerial photo of Thousand Oaks. It is not, however, an official source of mapping information, and is provided only as a convenience to users of the City website. For accurate, current information, please contact the appropriate City or County department.

Also, you'll notice that some layers appear to be misaligned relative to others. That's because these different layers have been developed independently for different purposes, at different times, often with very different technical procedures by different agencies. In particular, these maps are not intended to be used in place of surveyed boundaries. Therefore, please don't rely on these maps to define the location of Assessor's parcels or other features.

Tips on how to use this application (More...)

  • Try the Search for Parcel link. You can search by address or Assessor's Parcel Number (APN). Partial entries will return multiple matching results.
  • Layers and groups of layers can be turned on and off with the checkboxes in the left-hand table of contents.
  • Use the zoom and pan tools to move around on the map
  • Be patient! On dialup connections, the map may be slow to draw, especially when the aerial photo is selected.
  • To find a layer on the layer list enter the first letter of the name of the layer.  For example, if you're looking for a layer name "Park" type the letter "P".

Brief explanation of functions and layers (More...)

  • Many layers will appear or disappear as you zoom in and out. They are "scale dependent."
  • A right click on the map will reveal more tools. View->Distance enables a measuring tool.
  • Parcel Report returns selected data from the city's records about each address on a parcel. Multiple parcels can be selected with the pointer tool.
  • More information about parcels is available from the report menu on the toolbar.
  • When the parcel report window is open, click on the PW Drawings tab at the top to navigate to drawings for parcel you can open and view.
  • The parcel layer has been developed by Ventura County as an aid to locating property. Official records are kept in the County Recorder and Assessor's offices.
  • Streets, street names, major roads and Freeways are derived from street centerlines and other information compiled by Ventura County and the City of Thousand Oaks.
  • City facilities are police, fire, major buildings, public and private schools, parks maintained by the Conejo Recreation and Parks District (CRPD) and the 18 holes of Los Robles. Additional information about many of them can be accessed by double-clicking on each feature. More layers will be added as they are developed. New--historic landmarks. Move mouse over feature for info.    
  • Detailed elevation information was collected for VCWPD and the Army Corps of Engineers in February 2001 for analysis of flood control requirements. These 10- and 2-foot contour lines can be viewed when you zoom in to small areas. General elevation can be viewed in the hillshaded image Elevation from Shuttle radar, and 100-foot contour lines and USGS topos are available when you zoom in to regions of the City.
  • Areas have been developed by various City departments and other agencies for planning and reference.

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For more information contact Nelson Guandique.