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Donating Extra Food and Toys During the Holidays

Avoiding the landfill is always the most preferable choice

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As we approach the Holiday season, the City of Thousand Oaks Sustainability Division would like to remind you to conserve resources by donating extra or unwanted food, toys, and other household items instead of throwing them away. Whether you overbought or have extra leftover food from holiday parties and gatherings, some food pantries take opened food to distribute to homeless and needy families.

Simply visit our Reuse Resource page on our website to find places that accept leftover food, new packaged food, or new or gently used toys. By reusing materials or using up food, we conserve energy, resources and landfill space, while reducing disposal, greenhouse gas emissions and purchasing costs. 

It is advisable to call the donation center first to verify what items are accepted, hours donations are accepted, and other pertinent details.

Another idea for extra toys, books, and other items that you don’t want to donate just yet… Add them to your Emergency Preparedness kit. Toys and books can keep you and your family with something to occupy your time when you must shelter in place. This idea also goes for other items you no longer need around the house or if you have acquired a duplicate item. Simply add the item your emergency kit, whether it be tools, clothing, shoes, pots and pans, tent, can opener, fire extinguisher, cutlery, etc. These are items can be placed in your emergency kit rather than needing to buy new for your emergency kit.

For a thorough list of items to add to your home or car emergency kit, go to the City's Emergency Preparedness page.

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