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New Mobile App Puts the City of Thousand Oaks at Your Fingertips

Let the City know about water waste, illegal dumping and more

connect_to_websiteThe City of Thousand Oaks unveiled a new app for Thousand Oaks residents. It's called ConnecTO.

In addition to reporting things like graffiti, potholes, and overgrown or fallen City trees, residents can also report situations relating to sustainability issues. For example, one can report water waste, leaks and water run-off. Other things you can report include illegal dumping, or other violations such as unauthorized waste haulers delivering trash bins to residents. If a neighbor leaves their trash carts out past the allowable time, that can also be reported through the app. Residents can now request City services quickly and easily from their smart phone. ConnecTO is a free mobile app available from the City of Thousand Oaks that streamlines service requests, allows photo posts, maps reported issues and lets users track resolution every step of the way. Additionally, it provides one-click access to key City resources like Council agendas, bus schedules and events. 

Nearly 40 percent of website visitors use their smart phone to access City information. The app is a way to engage with this growing mobile audience and ensure that more people have the City at their fingertips.

Residents can also submit service requests through the City’s website at Both platforms offer interchangeable reporting and tracking features, allowing users to switch readily from mobile to desktop viewing.

To download the City of Thousand Oaks mobile app, visit your favorite app store and search for ConnecTO, or enter from your smartphone.

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