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Free Cooking Oil Disposal Event in Moorpark Dec 2

No appointments needed!

Cooking Oil moorpark event flier 2017

You may remember last month's e-newsletter contained an article explaining why fats, oils and grease should not go down your drains. Although cooking oil is not a hazardous waste, it is accepted at household hazardous waste collection events because it is combustible. Liquid waste is not allowed in curbside carts or for direct disposal in landfills, but making grease into a solid — for example, combining it with kitty litter or other dry garbage — and disposing small amounts in regular curbside garbage carts is legal.

Our neighbor City of Moorpark is extending an invitation to residents of Ventura County to the City of Moorpark’s annual Used Cooking Oil Collection on Saturday, December 2, from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. in the Moorpark Public Services Facility, located at 627 Fitch Avenue in Moorpark. 

Any and all turkey frying enthusiasts are encouraged to come on down for proper disposal of their used cooking oil. No appointments are needed for this event! Residents may bring their own sealed containers with used cooking oil, but containers will not be returned. No loads from commercial sources will be allowed.

Last year, residents from all over Ventura County brought 250 gallons of used cooking oil and grease to the event. Coastal Byproducts will transport the waste from Saturday's event to its processing facility in Oxnard. From there, processed cooking oil, called “yellow grease,” will be sold to biodiesel manufacturers. Coastal Byproducts will haul solids and water separated during processing to Hill Canyon Wastewater Treatment Plant, operated by the city of Thousand Oaks. The Hill Canyon plant will put these materials into anaerobic digesters, which are large, enclosed containers where micro-organisms convert biosolids (from sewers) into the first stage of a compost-related product. While converting the waste, the micro-organisms release biogas, which is captured to create renewable energy powering the facility.

For more information on Saturday's oil collection event, it can be found on the City of Moorpark website.

If you are unable to bring your cooking oil to this Saturday's event, keep in mind you can drop off used cooking oil every Friday and Saturday by appointment at the City of Thousand Oaks Household Hazardous Waste Facility in Newbury Park. Appointments may be made online on the City's Hazardous Waste page.

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