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FREE Smart Thermostat, Controller and Amazon Echo – limited offer!

home_smart_thermoSMART HOMES utilize technology to give users remote access for control over everything ranging from heating, cooling and lighting to music, pool pumps, door cameras, and gate sensors. So, what can they do for you? Three of the biggest benefits are:

  1. Safety and security – Smart controls allow you to turn on lights remotely for security purposes when you’re not home. You can lock doors, monitor door and gate sensors for activity, receive alerts when someone enters your home, monitor security cameras, and a whole host of other activities from a simple app on your phone.
  2. Energy efficiency – Power devices and appliances on and off from afar, monitor and understand energy use, change thermostat settings remotely. These energy savings also save $$.
  3. Convenience - No need to rely on others to watch your house when you’re away. When paired with a smart voice-controlled device such as Amazon’s Echo, you can control your devices with simple voice commands (“Alexa, turn the thermostat down to 72”, “Alexa, turn off the kitchen light”). This can be particularly useful for older or disabled people and enable actions that were previously difficult for them.

Benefits go far beyond these. The possibilities are endless! You can set up a “geo-fence” which enables certain activities when you enter or leave a geographic region (e.g. within a mile of home). You can send yourself a text message whenever someone enters your house during the day. You can beep an alarm by your bedside whenever your side gate is opened at night.

One way to get started is through participation in an energy efficiency study funded by the California Energy Commission which is being conducted by a local company, Universal Devices. If you are willing to share your electricity use data with them for a year (through the SCE portal) you could be eligible to receive a smart thermostat and other smart devices plus a smart home controller that can talk to any Z-Wave device, and an Amazon Echo, all for free! You must live in the Conejo Valley area and your home must have air conditioning to be eligible. Pool owners are especially welcome. If you are interested in this opportunity or have any questions please contact Orly Hasidim at 818.489.7672. Note that the City does not endorse any particular vendor or company. 


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